Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace My second read of Infinite Jest, still 5 stars, but it affected me differently this time around. I'm not sure how to review it, so I've compiled a list (from various internet sources) of events from 1996, instead.

Blizzard buries eastern U.S. causing at least 50 deaths
Israel frees hundreds of Palestinian prisoners
Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from Michael Jackson
Germany celebrates it's 1st Holocaust Rememberance Day
Publication of Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace
IBM's Deep Blue defeats chess champ Gary Kasparov
Rock musical "Rent," by Jonathan Larson, opens off-Broadway
Mike Tyson beats Frank Bruno in 3rd round to gain Heavyweight title
Winnie Mandela divorces Nelson after 38 years of marriage
Erik and Lyle Menendez found guilty of killing their parents
U.K. outbreak of Mad Cow Disease
FBI arrests the Unibomber
A California School board recognizes Ebonics as a separate language
China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
Intel releases 200 mhz pentium chip
Federal Court judges overturn U.S. indecency ban on internet
South Africa adopts a permanent post-apartheid constitution
Nintendo 64 goes on sale in Japan
Scientists clone Dolly the sheep
O. J. Simpson charged with murder
HotMail, a free internet E-mail service begins
Hundreds of hostages taken at the Japanese embassy in Peru
Prince Charles and Princess Di sign divorce papers
Southern Mexico hit with 6.5 earthquake
230 people die when TWA 800 crashes outside of New York City
NASA announces that life may have existed on Mars
Madeleine Albright is appointed first female U.S. secretary of state
Television industry executives agree to adopt a ratings system