The City and the City

The City and the City - China Miéville 3.5 Anyone who likes conspiracy theories, police procedurals and sci-fi will love this book. I enjoyed it quite a lot, once I got over the little things that irritated me about it. The story is unique and compelling and the ending is not predictable at all. It didn't do that thing I hate so much (foreshadowing), and I really appreciate it!

The little things that irritated me: the premise is complicated, but the author just hints and insinuates at what that complication is for the first 50 pages, instead of telling the reader what's going on. The confusion detracted from my enjoyment, and added nothing.

The regional names are unneccessarily quirky and impossible to pronounce, and the reader (me) stumbles over them at every use, which for the place names, is about 20 times per page.

There are some bizarre and unexplained idioms, apparently intended to show the differences between the two main regional dialects, but they add nothing and serve only to bewilder. The concept is unusual and mysterious enough without these little quirks.

But, as I said, on the whole, an enjoyable read. Possibly even thought provoking.