$20,000 - Bill Drummond awful. this is not, as advertised, about art. it's about a rich guy and his carpet. not a carpet in the sense of the big lebowski, where it really is an aesthetic question (it really brings the room together) but a rug that the author has had custom made and thinks is really cool and neat and isn't he clever for having had it made? and it's about the same dude, driving up and down the highways of england, naming the roads as he goes (M90, A9) and remarking how dull the drive is. ocassionally he throws the reader a bone, and mentions some sight that is located somewhere along the highway, but without actually saying anything about it or describing, just noting it's there. sometimes, too, he throws in a personal anecdote, usually on the scale of "we could stop here and get really tasty raspberries, but there isn't time." very occasionally, one of the "big questions" arise. these are on the same level/scale as those available to you in the infamous/famous Insane Clown Posse video. I highly recommend that you just watch this video, and leave the book on the shelf.


i haven't finished it, and i will, so i'll reserve my rating until i'm done in case he somehow magically, like magnets, turns this around.

**finished it. the last 50 pages were better than the first 100, but not better enough to make much difference. we finally had an aesthetic discussion on page 97, "I love perimiter fences because they make life more interesting."