Mortal Leap

Mortal Leap - MacDonald Harris My favorite moments in the book came very early. I loved the portrayal of sneaking off to read as an illicit act, and I was sorry when the protagonist succumbed to the more ordinary, typical illicit acts to be found in the wider world outside of the family home. I was also sorry that the thread of reading was only very cursorily continued, as it was the thing that I related to the most. I also love the moments of survival on the island, before the "rescue." I think the second half of the book paled in comparison with the opening, but the opening was engaging enough that it carried me through.

I sort of resented the fact that a man's life was erased by the events in the second half of the book, his parents were never given the chance to properly mourn or celebrate their son's life, and that that aspect of the story was treated almost cavalierly.

All in all, a very thought provoking novel. I highly recommend.