re:f (gesture)

re:f (gesture) - Percival Everett Even though I'm only giving it 4 stars, I think this is my favorite of his books of poems. The first poem, Zulus, is the best, in my opinion. It treats more overtly themes he lightly touches in his fiction. I liked it very much, and I saw/heard echos of his most recent work (Percival Everett by Virgil Russell) in it, especially certain words and phrases, which made me realize that the Virgil Russell novel is his most poetic novel so far, especially in the way that he takes liberties with spellings, meanings and with collapsing words into each other.

The second poem, Body, frightens me. In it he examines very small components of the human body with a clinical detachment that is normally not seen outside of television/films depicting the character of psychopaths. I actually wondered whether he may have been writing it as reflections on an actual post-mortem dissection, but by the end of the poem, I was beginning to think that perhaps it was, instead, a meditation on the life and development of an expected child. Either way, I found it deeply unsettling and creepy. Pure PE.