The Planetarium (French Literature Series)

The Planetarium (French Literature Series) - Nathalie Sarraute, Maria Jolas if i could give half stars, i'd go with three and a half. her style, even in translation, is really interesting, hard to get used to, a little difficult to navigate. to me this novel seemed, for a long time, to be simply another take on the reality/appearance binary. but then i decided that wasn't it at all, and it's much more about how we influence others unwittingly and how much people are affected by not just what we say and do, but also by what people think we might say and do, or what we might be thinking. and sort of how fucking needy we all are. the plot, what it's about is very domestic, which isn't usually my thing. but it was handled in a very interesting way, and i look forward to reading some of her other novels.